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Welcome to the studio

The completely wood built studio was designed by us to make you feel welcome and at home with nice sofa's, big windows offering lots of daylight, a garden with multiple terraces, a fireplace and lazy chairs. The hardware and software we use for our productions, are chosen for the best possible sound quality and fastest workflow.

The live room offers great acoustic quality's and room to work and play, optimised by traditional acoustic treatment in combination with a real library. This makes the studio very versatile in it's sound character. From completely 'dry' in the vocal booth, to lively and 'fresh' in the big live room, with the library literaly connecting these two worlds.

Record with world class Universal Audio Apollo interfaces in combination with the Townsend Sphere L22 microphone, making it possible for you to not only track your vocals and instruments trough 33 meticulously modelled real life vintage/classic and modern microphones, but even after recording you can audit your recordings through al these microphones, combinations of them and even changing all kinds of characteristics that where never even an option on these particular microphones. Please see for more information. Using our vocal booth we can record completely 'dry' sounds, making it possible to audit the amazing capability's of this microphone together with it's software.

The library offers a verry warm and diffuse sound character, making it a great room for recording vocals, acoustic guitars and solo instruments. The couch in the library is a place where you can relax, take a good listen and look at what is going on during the tracking, editting and mixing of the music.

Sixteen tracks can be recorded simultaneous trough Universal Audio Apollo interfaces with Unison preamps, UAD plugins, Neve summing, tape saturation, mastering tape on every mix bus, elite class AD/DA conversion and most importantly the incredibly musical sound of these interfaces in combination with LUNA as DAW, being created especially for Universal Audio's Apollo interfaces. This combination of hard- and software is at the absolute top in quality, workflow and musicality. Please see for more information. A selection of high quality headphones is available for use to the artists. A maximum of six independent headphone mixes can be created.


The kitchen with coffee, tee and a fridge are available to the artists.
There are a lot of options the either eat out or have food delivered in the studio.


For a small extra fee it is possible to stay overnight in the studio.

The bathroom is roomy, clean, warm and has a good shower.

Also food and drinks can be booked as an extra. Some food and drinks are homemade by my wife, depending on the season. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be enjoyed inside or outside.

Kindness, warmth and commitment to you and your productions.
The possibility to have a nice relaxing walk in nature and play a game of darts or table tennis.

You'll perform at your best when you're relaxed and at ease.

Offering: 3 days of studio time producing, recording, mixing.

Price € 750,- ex. VAT (€ 907,50 incl. VAT)