STILL Productions

. Live streaming .


Put on a show

Right now live streaming is the best way of putting on a show for people, but also it's a great way of creating good quality audiovisual content of your performance. You receive a copy of the video for your own use as a promo, for your website or whatever you want.

We record up to 22 tracks of audio in very high quality so you can use this material for further production if you want to an when you want to.

How it works

Book your time slot by clicking the button below. You'll pay € 50,- for a one hour stream and you get 45 minutes for free in order to create the right setting and sound checking.

A professional audio engineer will create a good mix for the live stream.

Maximum number of people

Due to current times we aren't able to have a big audience in the studio. we can allow up to 8 people with regards to the 1,5 metre rule. Keeping into account the engineer, you can come with a maximum of 7 people.