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Feel free. Be creative.
From an early age on I've been highly interested in sound and music recording. I started playing drums and in 2006 I started recording and mixing bands and solo artists, live and in the studio.

After acquiring experience in this way for about 10 years, in 2016 my wife and me decided that it was time to design and build a professional and modern studio.
Paramount would be the creation of a big live room for recording live instruments.
Next was the way the studio makes you feel right at home and relaxed as soon as you come in, because it is just so beneficial to feel good while giving that all important performance for your production.

A roomy bathroom, kitchen and enough place to sleep help in staying focussed of the creative process.

I help in making sure that all available time and energy go into producing and recording. Using Universal Audio hard- and software allows me to work efficiently, 'keeping the tape rolling' for those special moments of creative magic, while always being certain that every take is of the highest possible quality.

Off course you will find a range of high quality, some rare, musical instruments, amplifiers, microphones, plugins, digital/modeled instruments, samples, effects etc.

Pepijn Reinink

Producer and audio engineer