. The Original Producer .

The music industry reinvented

Your benefits

Produce and sell your music at very low rates

Keep control over your rights while benefitting from my services

Choose what you want to do yourself and what you want me to take care of

Options for shared investment


My benefits

Working with serious artists who are invested in their careers

Doing what I love to do - Create great music

Content for my media channels







Distribution - Including higher pay for streaming platforms

Artist support, management and development


Ok I'm interested, now tell me: How does this work?

The music industry is very complex

Record labels make use of this by having a lot of knowledge about the business side of the industry
Artists in general are creative and not very business minded, however this is changing
I am creating the bridge for artists, so they can understand and control the business side of their music
This doesn't mean the artist has to do everything, a division can be made when you have shared interests

This is exactly what The Original Producer provides

The Original Producer provides everything a (traditional) record label provides, but on a smaller scale
Because of very low overhead costs, The Original Producer can provide all these services at a fraction of the costs of a record label
On top of that, you can make a well informed decision about investments in your productions
You choose a very simple balance between paying for all services yourself, and having The Original Producer invest in your music

Below is a flowchart giving a more visual image of possible ways to produce your music together with STILL Productions and The Original Producer:

The Original Producer

The Original Production Studio

The Original Producer
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